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    i understand that this movie is for kids and thats fine, but how can anyone over the age of 16 still be watching this shit? no wonder we’re the dumbest fucking country in the world


    15 dumb fucks thumbed down.. further proves my point


    holy mother of boobs!

    Luke Magnifico

    ScarJo’s poppin’ out even more than usual. I approve.


    5 stars for first picture. Stopped scrolling.


    Dat Shield


    Captain America is such a clown.


    The only things I’ll be paying attention to, in order of importance:
    1) Scarlett’s tits
    2) Downey Jr’s jokes
    3) Renner’s coolness (assuming/hoping it’s present & accounted for)


    Who’s the dude with the bow? Did he even have a movie?
    And no, I never really read comic books when I was a kid, or watched TV. My parents are the “crunchy-granola” type.


    Hawkeye, Marvel’s archetypical “ultimate marksman” (probably second only to Bullseye*,) close analog to DC Comics’ Green Arrow**. Can’t miss with a bow & arrow.

    *correct me if I’m wrong on this: Bullseye can hit anything with anything, but Hawkeye’s only unassailable as an archer, right?
    **Which character came first?


    Green Arrow was first by about 23 years.

    Bullseye / Hawkeye comparison is good. All three of these characters are also great athletes and martial artists.

    Bullseye also has an adamantium laced spine and a few other bones.

    Green Arrow also is an expert swordsman.


    In the Ultimate avengers comic book (“The Ultimates”) he ripped off his own fingernails and used them as projectiles. Don’t know how he works in the normal Marvel universe, though.

    If he is capable of using any missile weapon, I don’t see the point of using a bow and arrow except for stealth.


    I don’t know how easily he could rip his fingernails off, but he would be just as precise with them if he used them in the the main universe.

    The reason for using the bow and arrow is not just stealth, but also range. An arrow is going to go a lot farther than fingernails or a javelin.


    However, I believe he normally is wielding throwing knives by default.


    Farther than a bullet?


    Depends on the weapon propelling it, but not really. Like I said, stealth AND range together make the bow or crossbow a good choice.


    Oh yeah: his arrows have selective tips, like tasers, acid, homing beacons, ear-splitting whistles, explosives, etc…


    No boxing gloves?