crystal formation 101

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    fake and gay


    Ammonia + Bleach = Chlorine Gas…The thing about dying by chlorine gas asphyxiation is the water in your cells starts turning into hydrochloric acid. So, when your blood starts spraying out of all your orifices it will be acidic, like in those Alien movies.


    Mustard Gas…first widespread use was in WWI, which was like a Worlds Fair of new ways to fuck people up. You literally cough up chunks of your own lungs. This shit was/is so atrocious even the Nazis wouldn’t use it decades later (although that may have been more due to its unreliability than it’s horrible effects.)
    Protip: anytime ammonia’s mentioned, be alert for mention of chlorine (prime ingredient of bleach.)
    Probably ain’t true, but coulda been…


    I love /b