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    it’s funny because a darkey got shot by a white men

    tiki god

    Zimmerman wasn’t white.


    Troll post? Or never seen a white man before? That and never passed 4th grade.


    Zimmerman is Hispanic, you anonymous mook.


    Yesterday, in the New York Daily News, it was reported that Spike Lee tweeted Zimmerman’s address so that people could take revenge on him. But Spike is an idiot, and tweeted an old retired couples address instead. Now they are in hiding.


    fuckin tard, should be charges for that shit


    I would like to see justice, not vengeance.


    But that’s a hard message to argue against. We need to act like everyone is at one extreme or the other.

    Luke Magnifico

    oy vey


    Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this Solicitation of Murder, and since it’s crossing State Lines doesn’t that make it a Federal Offense?

    Don’t expect to be hear Holder & Co. doing anything about it anytime soon.


    It would but doing crimes because you are an angry black person makes them excusable.

    Thousands of blacks slaughter each other and it’s totally cool. Someone else does it and Obama throws his stupid fucking hat in to secure the black vote and now we have riots waiting to happen.

    If they kill that poor innocent man then Obama should be charged with being an accessory to murder. In case there was any doubt he’s the worst president in history…there it is.

    The King of Nothing

    Please tell me this is a joke comment.


    I agree with everything he said minus the “innocent man” part. Because that is up to a jury and we do not have access to all the evidence that the proper authority does.

    The King of Nothing

    Shot dead in the street…a little extreme. We are supposed to be the civilized ones here. I do think he was definitely wrong and that technicality that has him still walking around needs to be abolished. He definitely needs to be tried, and would be easily convicted, for murder.


    Well giving him a trial would be unfair. The media and every black organization already convicted him. If I was him I would leave the country, innocent or not hes fucked. Another pat on the back for black people, fucking up our country a little more every time I look. I just wish I had time to protest, but it seems I don’t have the time while keeping my son from turning into a THUG, and my JOB I barely get sleep as is.


    If this ends in any way other than African Americans burning down their own neighbourhoods, and beating up uninvolved white people I will be surprised.


    Yeah and some how mexican is white now. Just hope I can keep up with the oh so vast knowledge of the ignorant people.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I don’t think white people will stand by for that shit any more.

    Unfortunately this may just end in more dead black people.

    As I said: black people need to learn from this that they should cut the tough guy bullshit. That’s what got this kid killed. But since no one wants to set their ego aside we can look forward to more dead black people. Good job PC asshats.


    We have to remember that we do not have all of the facts that the local law enforcement officials have, so we cannot make a judgement in good faith simply because of the lack of evidence. What is disturbing is that the black race mongers Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson have the same amount of evidence that we have, and yet they are allowed to incite riots with no criminal prosecution. This was and still should be a local law enforcement matter, and the only reason that Obama stuck his nose (not to mention the FBI) in the issue, is… Read more »

    The King of Nothing

    Obama got involved because this story has blown up into a enormously controversial national story because of a loophole in a law allowing murder if you just say “I felt threatened.” If he didn’t get involved most people would be saying he’s staying out because he scared of making someone not like him in election year. No matter what he did people would criticize him for doing the wrong thing. I’m guessing you would be included there.


    I live in Florida, and the law is not a loophole. It is intentionally designed so that the citizens of this state will have a clearly defined option (to fight or flight) within the laws if they choose to defend themselves against would-be attackers. I personally would have respected Obama more if he would have left it as a local law enforcement matter instead of sending in the FBI. I would have respected him even more if he would not have made the statement that “If I had a son, he would look like Treyvon Martin”. That statement was made… Read more »

    The King of Nothing

    The law itself isn’t a loophole, but I can go up to anybody and kill them and say it was self defense. I may not get away with it in the end, but I will get to walk the streets able to kill anyone else I please while they investigate. In any other state he would have been arrested and the investigation would happen with him imprisoned so that if it was 1st degree murder he wouldn’t be able to kill again before they know the truth. If it turns out the kid was threatening him enough to justify killing… Read more »

    Bullshit. Obama got involved because it’s an election year. End of story.

    He’s the worst kind of human being. And you’re still falling for his bullshit.


    And no you are wrong. Very wrong. He desperately needed to regain the black vote. Even their racism couldn’t overcome the startling reality that their way of life was/is being destroyed by a moron.


    Unfortunately, in this bleeding heart liberal country, anyone that says, “wait until we see what the investigation shows” will be called a racist, or more accurately, “RACIST PIG!” so the only ones we’re hearing are shit-stirrers like Al Sharpton. It’s so fucked. Remember the Duke Lacrosse players that were accused of gang rape about 10 years ago? The country was ready to hang them until the “victim” turned out to be full of shit and making up the whole story. I wish that tweet was about me and I’d be the one getting shot, because *I don’t want to live… Read more »


    Tiki, you REALLY need to require registration again. These anonymous shitbags are making a mockery of honest trolling.