fuck popcorn

fuck popcorn


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    Professor Ratbaggy

    Point No. 1:  Stupid way to make popcorn.
    Point No. 2:  Microwave popcorn tastes like shit anyway.
    Point No. 3:  Buy some proper popping corn, get a saucepan and a bit of butter and good quality oil, and learn to make proper popcorn.
    Point No. 4:  …
    Point No. 5:  Profit.

    That is all.

    tiki god

    not all of us are popcorn concessionaires

    Kik Dogg

    casemods was


    First world problem…finalist.


    I used to make popcorn in a wok with bacon grease and spray it with various flavoured butters. I started selling it for $5 a bag and had people fighting in front of me over the last bag. Dudes wanted my phone# so they could score some popcorn for their movie nights. It all ended when I was paid a significant sum of money by a microwave poop-corn company to help them develop their line. In a contract I was not permitted to make, sell or distribute any popcorn related product except for theirs. To this day, I have never been able to make any microwave popcorn taste anywhere near as good as the real stuff, fuck microwave popcorn.

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