bastard teacher

bastard teacher

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    Cause he totally did the same thing with great success 10 years ago. Traitor.


    I like the way the report’s contents itself are in metric units.


    It isn’t done on a type writer, it is done by a PC, it is not that hard to set the margins properly. Failing to do so is simple laziness.


    I was in college back when much of the student body had to rely on a computer lab with only dot-matrix printers to hard-copy our work. I had one professor reject a paper because he didn’t like the font (when the only printer “font” available at the time was something that looked exactly like Microsoft Sans Serif –a reality that was completely lost on him.) Another professor rejected a paper because I submitted it on draft-grade paper (one step above newsprint,) instead of the acid-free archival paper he evidently preferred but neglected impress upon the class. I appreciate wanting to… Read more »


    (that should have been “college student = broke”)
    Let me add that since this is clearly a scientific paper, perhaps the teacher’s persnicketyness is meant to impart a deeper message: don’t skimp on the details, especially in science. Hell, NASA once lost a $400 million satellite because somebody used a comma instead of a period somewhere in the navigation software code.




    but it’s only 1/20th of a point.

    the guy could still score 99.95%

    tiki god

    you’re ASSuming that it’s 1/20 of a single point. more likely is that there’s 20 points available for the paper and the student just lost one due to a retarded margin requirement.


    No, he deducted 1/20. That’s what fractions are for, denoting parts of a whole. It’s a science paper, the teacher knows there’s a tremendous difference between -1 and -1/20.

    Like someone said above, teacher was probably being extremely finicky because you should sweat the details with science.