should I send this email

should I send this email

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    NNTR – No Need to Respond generally means “dont bother reading this email, delete immediately”. It is impossible to get people to read critical notices that do need peoples attention in other divisions where I work. Half the company has a culture of “never save emails” and the other half is “save everything, that is proof you said something”, and is hilarious when the side that doesn’t keep things pretends like they never got an email or responded to it. They expect you don’t keep emails either and then BAM! Paper trail bitch, and their eyes go wide like “why would you keep that?!?!!?”

    Kik Dogg

    I’m a saver, but that is because the delete button is WAY the hell over there, and I have to add extra steps to my day to get rid of stuff. I have to agree, it WAS pretty cool that one time when an archive of all that shit actually came in handy.


    “The typical worker sends and receives 110 emails per day” What the hell kind of jobs are these people doing; obviously that’s the problem right there.

    tiki god

    in my new job, my job is to sent email. I send over 300 a day usually.

    Kik Dogg


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