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If you find any continuations, post links.

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    Yea, so like…hate to break it to you, but the middle finger picture isn’t Trayvon.
    [trollbait]The “county orange” photo? That’s from when Zimmerman was arrested…for assaulting an officer.[/trollbait]


    Take your bait

    Who was under cover and didn’t identify himself as a cop. The charge was knocked down to the lowest level of misdemeanor and after completion of community service was expunged. I’ve known people who got worse than that for traffic tickets.

    Here is a more recent picture from his Twitter Account:

    Oh, his Twitter Account name? NO_LIMIT_NIGGA


    NO_LIMIT_NIGGA huh? Clearly the alias of a Mafia Don. Get fucked, bro.


    Oh so you mean Zimmerman has a history of attacking civilians?


    Please, don’t tell me that you’re using the “Mail” from here in England as your source.

    Using the Mail as a news source would be like using the National Enquirer to prove Elvis is living in Jerusalem as a Rabbi. Please don’t tell me that you used the Mail… never mind… that is just too funny. Typical American, using a foreign news source, without ever travelling abroad to know better… what a royal arse you just made of yourself. Too funny.


    As much as I agree with your statement about using the Mail as a source… I sincerely hope you don’t categorize Americans in that way. Oh, wait, you’re speaking for the rest of the world, too. Yeah, we’re fucked.


    Photos aren’t relevant, Prior arrests aren’t relevant – what’s relevant is whether self defense is credible when you have a handgun and the other guy has a bag of skittles.

    You can do some serious damage with Skittles


    So if I have only a bag of skittles I could do nothing to make someone have the right to shoot me? Awesome, never liked skittles before but im kinda craving the rainbow now. This isn’t the wild west, you don’t have a dispute and then tell them at noon we duel at the saloon. Neighborhood watch is to help protect the neighbors and your family, and with recent break ins and robberies I would carry my gun also. If I got attacked in with my gun on me in the night by a stranger on a neighborhood watch patrol… Read more »


    His stupid ass attitude is not related to his race. Shoot anyone with fucking problematic personalities, make the world a better place.


    here’s what happened. TRAYvon (smh) was walking around the neighborhood minding his own business dressed like a fucking nig, which is understandable, i dont judge. zimmerman saw this guy looking all suspicious because probably its not a common thing to see some scumbag looking guy in their neighborhood. so zimmerman went to investigate. approached trayvon and trayvon being a “real nigga” copped an attitude and most likely started physical shit with zimmerman. well, zimmerman tried to get back at him and trayvon ended up being possibly stronger and knocked him down, so zimmerman, being a pussy that he is, grabbed… Read more »

    russell sharpe

    and then you woke up with your dick in daddys ass

    Jac H

    “Yesterday a right-leaning website called Twitchy ran a picture of George Zimmerman in a suit and tie next to what they claimed was a picture of Trayvon Martin with no shirt and sagging pants. Twitchy is owned and operated by Michelle Malkin, a conservative pundit who is a frequent guest on Fox News. The picture of Zimmerman was real, but the picture of Martin was not. After Eric Boehlert, senior fellow at the left-leaning organization Media Matters, tweeted a screenshot of the article Twitchy posted the following correction: “Correction, 8:56 pm ET March 25, 2012: We made a mistake. The… Read more »


    Ask yourself why everyone is so quick to believe everything on the other side. Mobs have no right in the law. So many people should be arrested for openly threatening an innocent man (innocent because he has not be on trial yet). But whatever racism is ok when you are claiming to be the victim of racism.

    scott doe

    nice seeing a real picture of tayvon flashing his gang signs instead of just seeing those pictures of him when he was 10 or 12…………. thanks

    russell sharpe

    lol middle finger not a gang sign retard


    Hey Mr Gullible,
    NOT a picture of Martin.

    You must be a real expert at snipe hunting too.

    Any one of you fucking idiots would shit bricks if some big black dude in a hoodie snuck up and cracked you in the face. This is such stupidity. The kid did what all black kids do and thought he was invincible. If the guy who shot him had been black would we have even heard about this? Nope. I especially like how the first thing the kid’s mom did was trademark phrases related to his name (she says no for profit but what for then? Skittles?). I am in awe of the level of brainwashing that’s impacted people’s minds.… Read more »


    Hell Magnus. ALL teens think they are invincible.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya but this one got to find out he wasn’t and within the black community you know damned well any sense of class or manners when it comes to dealing with white people who dare treat you equally instead of as a superior is an affront to their egos.

    This kid just bit off more than he could chew. Everyone knows it. His parents are to blame. His community is to blame. Black people need to back off and relax or this will just keep happening.


    What’s funny is you have no class or manners, and you’re whining about people not have class or manners on the internet.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Ya in online discourse you’re practically the queen and I’m some disruptive serf.

    In online discourse. Which isn’t real. So enjoy that. Queen. lul


    Wait, don’t you claim to act the same offline?

    So yeah, I don’t believe you have the stones to do that, but you’re not very consistent.

    Tell us more how awesome you are IRL. We believe you. For real.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Welcome to MCS.

    You can go ahead and crawl around using your own time for proof.

    I didn’t need to do it the first time but I’m sure as shit not doing it again.

    Now get back in your hole, faggot.

    And who in the fuck cares what you believe? lol I bet your mom even has to fake her interest in your life.


    For a guy who claims to not give a shit, you spend a lot of time being a little crybaby on the internet.


    Ruh roh. I might’ve responded to the wrong person. Mea culpa, was directed at magnus-buttfoorson.


    For your sake, I hope you’re trolling. “Any one of you fucking idiots would shit bricks if some big black dude in a hoodie snuck up and cracked you in the face.” …You mean that “big black dude” I’d been told by the authorities not to continue following, who displayed no threatening behavior, whom I opted to confront nonetheless? If my ass were that dumb, and he that much of a threat, I’d deserve to get cracked in the face. “The racism here is black people thinking they can do anything and if they get caught just throw the old… Read more »


    Magnus is trolling.

    Not to say he isn’t a repugnant little shit who gets off spreading hostile garbage on the internet, but he is trolling.

    You do have to feel sorry for a guy that feeds off stuff like this.


    Duly noted. Thank you, sir.


    “Congratulations on being a superhuman tool.”
    Someone has to have the crappy superpowers.

    On a lighter note, I applaud you. Goddamn thunderously.


    *sincere bow*

    This may be my first internet compliment!

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    People like you are why this will happen again. You’re just such a bitch you can’t even fathom sense. “…You mean that “big black dude” I’d been told by the authorities not to continue following, who displayed no threatening behavior, whom I opted to confront nonetheless? If my ass were that dumb, and he that much of a threat, I’d deserve to get cracked in the face.” Yes that one. The one who ended up getting shot. The one who deserved to get shot because he escalated the situation to physical violence. The dead one. “Heaven forbid a black person… Read more »


    People like you are the reason this happened in the first place. People like you are the reason this will happen again. Only Zimmerman himself says Martin escalated the situation and you’re dumb enough to accept that as fact, or at least you like pissing people off enough to say that. The only facts we know are that Zimmerman followed Martin, they got into an altercation, and Zimmerman killed Martin. Now you’re assuming the killer is telling the truth. Even though you’re trolling, I hope you understand that you’re contributing to the collective perception about this case, and helping build… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    On the internet? I wish I had videos of times I’ve called a nigger a nigger in person. Unlike you I actually know black people. I know if one runs his mouth it’s usually because white people like you have inherent racism stemming from a lack of exposure and you pretty much bend over. Now to your comments about the evidence – there were two people there. We have testimony from 1 backed by witnesses. What’s your evidence? CNN? Grow up. If I walk into an airport with IRA forever scribbled on a t shirt and have my face half… Read more »


    Fake bitch is fake.

    You probably don’t have the sack to complain if they get your drink wrong in a restaurant.

    Cry some more and expose the little weak man that you are.

    Go ahead and whine on the internet now, you little crybaby.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Oh little girl. Welcome to MCS. In person I am the same. It’s real. Someone you’ve encountered who isn’t a fat cunt like you.

    And I’ve never had anyone get my drink wrong. They only do that to ugly people.


    I believe you. I really do.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    The space on the right is a graph that shows how much I care about what you believe, little girl.


    Keep responding so I can see how much you don’t care.

    You’re still pathetic.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Oh ffs.

    I don’t care if you believe me so I need to feed your little tiny pussyfag girl ego and let you have the last word? Go ahead, sweety. You go ahead now and saw one of your ‘clevers’ that you wrote in your note book.

    Come on…we’re waiting. You close this down. Good girl.


    Again, keep telling me how much you don’t care. Really I don’t care about the last word. I just love watching you try to pretend this internet personality you’ve created is real. Like I said, you probably can’t assert yourself in real life. I bet you’re pretty quiet in person. I speculate that most of what your doing is just to overcompensate for your many insecurities. Really, this is about building up a sense of superiority for you. That much is obvious. It’s probably not a good idea to try to troll people who can see through you. You can… Read more »


    “People like you are why this will happen again.” Oh, yes. Oh yes yes. This should be a good one! “Yes that one. The one who ended up getting shot. The one who deserved to get shot because he escalated the situation to physical violence. The dead one.” The one whose violence is contradicted by video evidence shortly after the altercation? Ah! Of course. “Oh now is someone infringing on your right to look like your a criminal by reacting like you’re a criminal? Heaven forbid I should be able to walk around waving a fake gun and not have… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You’re just all kinds of sad. You didn’t say jack fuck all to respond to. You just tried to be pedantic without reasoning or ability. I bet you know exactly 0 black people or if you do they’re completely white washed. You’re not threatened by black people because you have had no exposure to them. You live in a bubble. So shut the fuck up about the real world. And yes you did compare black people to dogs. It was your whole analogy. Do you not even know what an analogy is or how it operates? Sweet Christ. And I… Read more »


    We get it, Mags. You’re scared of black people and have to cry about it on the internet.


    Oh, Mags. I guess you don’t know when to stop trolling, eh? I realize it can be a useful debate tactic to claim that the other side just said nothing to respond to. Sadly, in this case it just reveals your lack of reading comprehension. And as always, it’s delightful when a comment contains something like, “You just tried to be pedantic without reasoning or ability,” and for the rest of the comment to contain bald assertions without reasoning or ability. As an aside, that whole “I bet you don’t know any black people, and even if you do I… Read more »


    Alright, looks like we need to hold off judgment. Trayvon was apparently up to no good, walking around at night looking to attack anyone unlucky enough to drive slowly behind him, jump out and threaten him.


    But he was black and wearing a hoody.


    we may already know the truth, but we probably never will…

    Casey Case'em

    Not Guilty.


    I wish black people would quit showing how ignorant they can be in mass quantity. I really think this is annoying. People are acting like this is the worse thing that has ever happened. People are breaking the law in public and not getting punished while accusing someone of breaking the law and not being punished. Only difference is evidence of such laws being broken as in offering a bounty on a man that is not wanted by the proper authorities (Black Panthers), or the most popular death threats. Both of those are laws that should be taken seriously. Why… Read more »


    Shut up, nigger.