6 rules of modern poster design

6 rules of modern poster design

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    Am I the only one that doesn’t think Denzel Washington is a good actor?


    it’s because he’s black


    I guess we got the obvious reply out of the way. Thanks.


    No, he’s pretty terrible imo.


    It depends on which film it is we are talking about. Denzel was great in some of his films, and down right terrible in others. He is one of those 50 / 50 actors; meaning you go to see his films (or wait for netflix / redbox / whatever) to see them because you have seen him do some great films and some terrible ones, so you watch the new one to see which column it lands in. You add them to your list, but generally they are not in your top 5. They are generally #6 or #7 on… Read more »

    Kik Dogg

    Somebody has been spending way too much time thinking about Denzel Washington…


    I fancy the chick in romantic comedy is this wrong? Oh and possibly the gopher thing in generic children’s movie in 3D.


    I can’t understand your first sentence, and therefore I cannot understand your second sentence.