Message from the President

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Lulz or shit storm?

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    The sound of the hot air is actually just the echo coming from the fact that anybody who found that funny has a hollow head.


    OMG this is so old I remember people faxing these around about Regan.

    Really, I think it’s the same hand dryer, they just change the logo with the administrations.


    Lulz or shitstorm? No. Simply “meh.” This is the best you can do?

    russell sharpe

    teabaggers know elections in the bag for obama
    running scared and running out of jokes

    It’s fun to read people’s comment and know they’re deadly serious and they’re crying real tears.


    Meh, I’m pro Obama but it’s still funny as a lame joke. Works on any bureaucrat.


    Trolling: not just for the internet.

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