konY Uganda War Again ??

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two billion barrels

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    fracked again

    Yeah… Not the oil barons, but the fundamentalist Christians this time.


    I don’t really understand why the US needs to lie about their true objectives. Everybody knows that the US fuck every other country in the bumhole. Why make pretty cover-up stories? No one can oppose. There’s nothing to fear. That’s just dumb. Creates confusion.
    What will kids in the future learn in their history books? That the US defeated hitler? That the US was spreading peace, love and democracy around the world, teaching people how to live properly?

    This is just so sad…


    To be fair, those surfer boys have been talking about Kony for years (even though he’s be out of Uganda and/or dead for about 6). I think this campaign is more about personal profit, with the US having a reason to be there as a nice little perk.


    2b barrels will keep the wheel (of the world) turning for about 25days,
    peak oil ftw.


    At least source the first picture.