iran america comparison

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    If the US was lobbing fucking rockets into Canada regularly…


    I remember when the Soviets tried to put a couple of missiles into Cuba – wasn’t pretty.


    I think you’re thinking of another middle eastern group (admittedly one that Iran supports, but a lot of that is because they feel threatened).

    This is an accurate explanation or Iran’s behavior (also the same explanation for North Korea). There’s nothing wrong with trying to understand your adversary’s motivation.


    It gives me hope when people say things like that. Sometimes I feel like I’m being told that trying to understand where your enemy comes from is Un-American, as if understanding is somehow equal to assent.

    In the beginning, understanding the enemy’s motivation leads to higher quality diplomacy – we can learn to fix their legitimate criticisms of us, and learn to aggressively defend and denounce the illegitimate ones.

    But if that fails, when you understand your enemy, it’s far easier to destroy them.


    Iran feels threatened in the same way and for the same reasons that your local drug dealer feels threatened by all the police stations in the city were he lives.


    Replace “drug dealer” with “lunatic who tries to turn his garage into a Tardis and rants at neighbors while his family facepalms” and you’d be a lot closer to a relevant metaphor.


    Bullshit pic.

    The US = good
    Iran = bad

    and that’s pretty much all there is to it…

    It’s like comparing a dying plant being surrounded with people (US) carrying water and a rabbit (US) surrounded by a pack of wolves.

    Of course nobody mentions that oil under the plant, and shovels those people hide… but that’s not for the public to know.


    You know, I’m sure Mexico would roll with this so I’m kind of cross with my pussy prime minister for apparently not even thinking of this.


    Not at all. The Iranians in the south would be busy drinking beer and eating tacos. The Iranians in the north would be busy drinking beer and eating jelly donuts.


    poor Ayatollah… all he wants to do is murder his people in the street for having the audacity to speak whatever they want. …sniff…


    Yes, you butthats, we “feel threatened”—- because they’re an ISLAMIC COUNTRY led by a RAVING LUNATIC who sincerely believes his divine destiny is to usher in the last Imam with a worldwide apocalypse… and they’re working as fast as hell to set off their first nuke.

    Anyone who does NOT feel threatened by that is a flipping retard.


    Threatened = Better behaved than ‘Not-Threatened’ So fuckem.


    I don’t see you behave any better when somebody threatens the US. Instead you engage rage mode and fuck up everything you can reach. What’s there is to expect of people who believe that Muammar Gaddafi was terrorizing his people. Morons. You might not know this, but his real crimes were: 1. No international corporations 2. Closed NATO bases 3. GDP (per person) — $14 192 4. Every family member recieved a $1000 accommodation. 5. Unemployment benefit — $730. 6. Nurse salary — $1 000. 7. Every newborn gets $7 000. 8. Newlywed receive $64 000 to buy a house/apartment.… Read more »