top gear on chinese

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    But people who download a movie, or a game, are “teh pirate, criminal scum”, that cause industry to lose billions of dollars…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    you’re a moron

    Legel precedent was set decades before the internet regarding sharing publicly available media.

    What China does is simply theft. There is no sharing. It’s copying for profit and that theft is what holds their economy together (in mainland China anyway).


    Sounds more like fraud than theft to me. Buts that’s not as emotive is it?


    No, pretty sure the Chinese got “Copyright Infringement” AND “Patent Infringment” down to a fine art.


    In China, it’s not considered “Fake” unless you sell it as real. If you sell someone a fake Omega watch and tell them it’s genuine you can go to jail for five years. That’s fraud. But if you tell them it’s a fake, you’re good to go. You often see signs in Asia that say “genuine fake watches” – it’s not a joke, they’re just obeying the law and telling you upfront it’s fake – even the websites make it clear that they are “replica Rolexes” or “Fake Coach bags” My guess is Mr. Clarkson bought all those items knowing… Read more »