The day abortion becomes an unquestionable right.

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    Sure, this is a women’s issue, but let’s not pretend that sexism is the main reason for the hullabaloo about abortion. Women are Catholics too.

    fracked again

    And Catholic women get abortions. The only people that pay attention to the Pope in the US are politicians and hardcore members of the cult.


    The day men become naturally pregnant is the day I quit the game.


    The day Men become pregnant is the day our developed, civilized nation produces a myriad of contraceptive creams, shots and procedures so as to prevent the pregnancy in the first place.

    Oh. Oh wait.

    fracked again

    And access to them becomes an unquestionable right.


    Access is as easy as the condom dispenser in your local nightclub. If you want to get more technical and less skeevy, Medicaid, the nation’s insurance for low-income families, already provides loads of contraceptive services.

    Fucking people just aren’t using them. Pun intended.

    fracked again

    The far religious right is talking about states being able to outlaw contraception, which includes condoms.


    I know and I don’t even talk about them. It’s a crazy plan and it’ll never go through for one reason:
    No state has the money to sustain every tax-paying, law-abiding, family having 12+ kids. Politicians will keep discussing it until election season is over.


    Meh guess they dont mind STD’s n stuff


    “It won’t go through”… you’re living in a Fantasyland.

    Same-sex marriage has been on the ballot in how many states and only 8 out of 50 allow it. This should be a done deal, these people don’t populate, they pay taxes, add to the economy, etc and best of all they adopt (sometimes the unwanted and un-adoptable)… and yet everyone is in their face but somehow…

    You believe that the electorate don’t want to dictate what you can and cannot do in the bedroom or your private sex lives.
    Yeah, right and the moon is made of cheese.

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