obama care

Obama-Nazi_comparison_-_Tea_Party_protest.jpg (683 KB)

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    One. Good. Nuke.

    Yo mamma

    Perhaps someone needs to go back to school and learn about what the Fascists were really like.


    These words have no meaning anymore. Fascism, socialism, freedom, democracy – they’re just buzzwords to evoke “Something we fear,” “Something we dislike,” “Something we like,” and “Something we think is good.” – regardless of what it really means or if it applies in context.

    All this asshole really wants to say is, “Obamacare is something I disagree with.” and he can’t even get that right. George Orwell would slap the shit out of you.


    I appreciate your point. However I disagree with you and sincerely believe that America would be much better off without Obama. Now, can we not have an intelligent political discourse without resulting to calling each other names? The guy in the pic needs to hear and go by the same standard. Something like “I disagree with Obama-care”, or I’ll be voting republican in November”, or “How is that hope and change working out for you?”… Any of those messages relay the persons disagreement with Obama, and his polices and don’t stoop to childish name calling. Also, we all enjoy the… Read more »


    Both of you are on the list of people I might disagree with, but I respect for the way you conduct yourselves.

    It’s a very short list.


    Obamacare is about invading Poland and bombing England?

    Wow, then I can see why people would be against it!