Iranian Ninja Women

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Is it weird that I find this kinda hot?

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    Yes, it is weird.


    Aggressive, in all black, and covered from head to toe.
    How do you tell them from the normal Iranian women?


    How do you tell a shitty dojo? All their gi looks new, and shitty kanji scrolls in the back wall from the hands that can’t write kanji.


    Clearly you know nothing about Dojo culture. That is a strict dojo. Clean gi’s and clean dojo = disciplined. Watch the video of them. They kick ass. And I am not just saying that because I train in the same art.


    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Clean Gi’s do not mean “disciplined”. Clean Gi’s mean you aren’t training right.. The use of the Gi was started was originated by Judoka. (People who do Judo, if you don’t know) Originally the gi was just simple clothing worn by working class people in japan. They noticed that their training would ruin ordinary clothes because of all the blood and sweat that accumulates during training. Judoka started wearing simple work clothes and undergarments so that their regular clothes wouldn’t be ruined by training. Later, once Judo became popular, other styles copied the… Read more »



    You don’t know anything. You are an anon. So anything you say is bullshit from the get go.

    Clearly you don’t know what you are talking about and have gotten your ass kicked by children and old ladies daily.

    If you were an expert on martial arts, you wouldn’t have a bad attitude. Go back to what you were doing an hour ago… Sucking an MMA douchebags cock.


    Way to fail at refuting my point. Way to fail even deeper by lying.

    I almost thought you would try an intelligent rebuttal.


    It is funny how you consider criticism a “bad attitude”. Hate to break it to you, but you’re missing the point. Its funny because I’ve seen you bag on other martial arts every chance you get, but you get SO sensitive when someone calls you out on it. It’s pretty obvious you have some sort of hangup about MMA. My advise is to learn a little humility and you won’t embarrass yourself like this anymore. Even better is how frequently you are factually wrong. That high horse you stay on doesn’t give you a very good perspective, does it? Here’s… Read more »


    Anon. Clearly you haven’t been on MCS very long. I post pictures of all kinds of martial arts!!!!! So half the shit you just wrote is false. I am interested in all martial arts!!! MMA and JuJitsu are popular. They deserve to be criticized. Anon you just post your opinion. Zero facts. So clearly you know nothing. Hell, you can’t even give yourself a fucking name. There is criticism and then there is smearing. Learn the difference. I am as humble as they come.The only one on a high horse is you. Look outside of yourself and get some fucking… Read more »


    Besides anon you are the one failing at attempting to smear my martial art. I am not going to just sit back, especially when these women are badass and this goes against how western society views Iran. Which makes it even better.

    Hilarious how you can’t tell the difference from an exhibition, training and realistic applications.

    Shows you have ZERO experience with martial arts.

    So do yourself a favor and kill your internet connection.


    When did I ever say BJJ and MMA were above criticism? You assume so much when you respond. Also you’re assuming my judgement has something to do with Iran. Maybe you should respond to what I say rather than the words you put in my mouth. You need to learn the difference between smears and criticism yourself. Do you even know how much of a hypocrite you appear to be? I criticized their compliant training. It’s unrealistic. That is not a smear. You just took it personally. I have posted facts about the history of the GI. You have only… Read more »


    Do you know what’s really funny PuPu? You keep throw out this fairly baseless accusation that I know nothing about martial arts. Ironically, the way you argue indicates your limited exposure to martial arts. I call it noobs disease. Noobs disease happens when someone gets over impressed with tier first martial art. Happens in all martial arts, really. The result is they tend to criticize other martial arts, while overreacting to valid criticism of their own, like you’re doing here. It’s something that you will only really understand in a couple years. But right now you have so much pride… Read more »


    Noob disease? What are you 13? Lack of knowledge? Cus showing knowledge on a image posting website to a nameless person actually proves something. Once again. I criticize my own martial art all the time and those within it do so even more!! I love all martial arts and the philosophies behind them. Saying I lack knowledge after a few posts here is a rather ignorant judgement, especially when you know nothing about me. I have trained in quite a few martial arts actually. Google knowledge is not training 5 to 8 times a week, sometimes twice a day. Last… Read more »


    “aying I lack knowledge after a few posts here is a rather ignorant judgement, especially when you know nothing about me. ”

    You fake ass hypocrite. This is exactly what you’re doing.

    As for the rest, was my statement on the Gi wrong? Let’s see if you can have an argument that isn’t circular.


    You are doing exactly what you are blaming me of… Now that is irony.

    How do you even function in society?


    I haven’t claimed to know anything about you. I speculated, then invited you to respond.

    So lame. Learn to read.


    Oldnoob has the correct. Makes me wonder what he trained.

    Oldnoob, does you martial art involve wrestling sweaty men or get kicked by them?


    Hard to ninja a bomb.


    I’d find it weird if you didn’t find this hot

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, but it’s funny to listen.


    The answer is most martial artist walk around with a huge superiority complex. Any criticism will drive them insane. It makes most of them very easy to troll.


    Especially BJJ and MMA. Because as we all know they are superior to everything because they are popular. Like tobacco and fast food.


    Geez, you’ve got a hangup about BJJ and MMA.

    The truth is BJJ and MMA are popular because they work.

    Now tell me more about how those silly neanderthals that are so beneath you.


    I’ve worked out in dojos where your uniform had to be neat and clean. A Kenjutsu school here in Abq had that rule. Their philosophy was since we were swinging 36″ razor blades about they wanted us to focus on every possible detail. I had to iron my hakama every week. I’ve also worked out in dojos where as long as you had your uniform on they were happy. My Kenpo school is like that. I think it just depends on the school and doesn’t necessarily imply anything about the training.