Assassin’s Creed 3 leaked

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    Luke Magnifico

    Were parkour-friendly metropolises common in 1800s America?


    Seen this before, so far it looks like a fake.


    this looks like some fine fan-art


    It’s real bitches. The screenshots look pretty kickass.


    I’m not sure whether I should trust these screenshots or not….


    Forgo the thrill of jumping around in well-crafted, detailed, historical cities in order to jump around in small colonial villages? Count me in! I’m so glad they skipped those useless 200 years! Who would have wanted to jump around London during the civil war? Boring! Russia as it became a world power? Who cares! India as the west made its first colonial encroachments? How could jumping around a traditional east Indian city as three ancient civilizations meet and have complicated race wars be interesting? China during the Manchu invasions? Don’t get me started! No, I’ll just go from medieval Damascus… Read more »


    Shit, I think my sarcasm detector just broke


    wtf is up with the goddamn pop unders every fuckin page.. this site is becoming shittier by the day

  • Here's a few awesome images!