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    So I’m guessing the guy sticks his dick in, the point stabs his dick, he screams in pain and then beats you to death in anger, thereby stopping the rape and turning it into a murder which is easier to prosecute?

    Is that the idea?


    I’m a girl, and this is a joke, right? That would hurt the person wearing it. And think about it -pulling it out would stab you. Stupid.

    There is something called “Rape-Axe” though, which is (apparently) a sort of trap put into the vagina. D:


    would be a good way to get yourself murdered instead.
    should just carry a gun instead and shoot the pervert in the head.


    So, then you have bloody dick inside of you…


    *obligatory “tiny prick” joke*

    Maybe it works like that cigarette James bond had, squeeze the sides and it shoots.
    Ladies, START. YOUR. KEGELS!


    Seriously? This looks like some of the stupid shit the IL Staties put out. Get a goddamn WEAPON and learn how to use it, ladies. Not your keys, not a hairpin, not a whistle. A gun, or at least a chemical/OC spray.

    Stupid stabby tampon is a way to get a scumbag rapists’ blood INSIDE YOUR VAGINA, so is “Rape-X”. A device to get revenge after you’re already raped is STUPID, defend yourself and delete a rapist from society.