A New “Avatar: Legend of Korra Trailer”

I don’t think I currently have any cartoons that I’m watching (besides MLP), it’ll be nice to have something new on that’s worth watching. And is animated.

Could have done without the “Golly Gee, Coming soon to nick!” voice over though.


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    Season 3 of “Archer” is currently running. If you haven’t seen it, start from the beginning. I think season 1 is still on netflix. Of course any savvy web user should be able to DL all released episodes. I haven’t
    watched much animated stuff since Bob’s burgers and Ugly Americans. Archer is funny stuff.

    tiki god

    Is Archer even considered animation? I’ve seen nearly episode, and it’s usually more like cutouts and stick figures.

    I love it, but it’s just on the cusp of being season 1 of south park, lol


    Not sure how to feel about the technology…

    tiki god

    I’m ok with it just as long as the Avatar can blow it the fuck up


    Am I to assume that this cartoon is set prior to the story of Aang? If not, how the hell is she supposed to master air bending?

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