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    Fuck Yeah.


    Not that I disagree, but sports are a pretty shitty example, especially football.

    The sport itself is pretty much just dudes putting on 20lbs of padding just to play rugby – and then our enthusiasm towards what we call football has nothin’ on the enthusiasm of the rest of the world towards what it calls football. Never seen 70 dead from a Patriots riot.


    Well yeah…it makes a lot of sense. You just don’t get it man. Guys who kill more stuff win.


    Don’t forget the random, senseless destruction of personal property as well –


    Only in respect to the values purported by the image. I don’t really have any personal judgments to make about the subject.

    Though, I do sometimes think that football is kind of pussy for putting on that much padding to play a sport that plenty of European countries play bareback – without having to take 3 minute breaks every 16 seconds, at that – and then acting macho about it.


    The padding is only there to make them last ’til their 30’s. The money, too.

    Ever meet any rich 30+ rugby players that didn’t look like Picasso drew them/were playing with a full deck?


    Coming Again to Save the Mother Fucking World!

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