freedom is the right of all sentient beings

freedom is the right of all sentient beings

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    Freedom from what?

    russell sharpe

    from pot bust angst
    from being told by big brother that i cant keep blacks out of my restaurant
    from worrying about shit happening in other countries
    from the environment
    from people marrying plants
    from those who say i cant pack my basement full of plutonium and dynamite
    from criticism
    from having to pay for shit online


    Vote Ron Paul: He will never win and his supporters spam every website.


    And pat themselves on the back constantly!


    Paultards are the worse kind of voters: emotional and stupid.
    “Oh no! I want to smoke weed but the harsh, oppressive “man” doesn’t let me do it where I want to!
    If only Ron Paul were president! Surely he would protect my weed smoking liberties!”
    Except the rest of Paul’s policies are so extreme and unorthodox that they would never be accepted by our cry-baby congress. He’d be a lame duck for all 4 years of his single-term, failure of a presidency, but hey, at least now you could light a spliff whenever you feel like it.


    Ahh, but he has something that congress does not.

    A Veto.

    I would love for four years on congress not being able to fuck with me


    Vetoes can be overridden, and in Paul’s case, I can’t imagine anyone who’d generate more bipartisan opposition –in other words, Congress would have no trouble mustering the 2/3 majority necessary for overrides. That’s what most of his supporters don’t seem to get. They think he’s gonna just go in there with a death ray and lay waste to any & all resistance to his vision. The truth is more like what bstaples pictures above; a state of total governmental gridlock. If Paul has any lasting legacy, it’ll be to inspire, by example, a new generation of politicians who won’t sacrifice… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca I don’t see anything in there I object to. At all. He’s just again speaking plainly and not dressing up the truth to protect people’s feelings or clash with their conditioned way of thinking. If you think he’s wrong please go to a club in a black neighbourhood in Detroit and walk the walk instead of just talking the talk. “the public should bear arms to protect themselves against carjackings by “urban youth who play whites like pianos.” That’s not true? Really? “In another newsletter, Paul described most black men in Washington, D.C., as “semi-criminal or entirely criminal.”” That… Read more »


    why do you bother explaining anything to these idiots. fuck em bro. they’ll get what they deserve.. probably support agenda 21 too.. fucking assholes

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    So he’d be like Obama but I could smoke weed?

    It’s an improvement.

    Luke Magnifico

    “Vote Ron Paul: Not great, but at least he’s not any of the other candidates”


    Ron Paul is not Jesus Christ.

    Jesus Christ

    But I am.

    Jesus Christ

    So that’s why he’s against abortion, because a lump of cells are definitely sentient (and can’t live outside of its host) and more important than the woman getting an abortion.


    No, you mean he’s for abortion. To be against abortion would mean he favors government intrusion over the individual and would make him a complete hypocrite–


    He doesn’t seem to be as extreme as the other candidates. He interferes with my life and freedom the least. He has the almost unheard of ability to have an opinion and not feel like you must share it. I don’t see what the problem is.

    I don’t see congress as such a huge problem for him. Too much of what he wants done can either be done without them or is an issue that would attract bipartisan support.


    I’d happily buy any Ron Paul supporter a one-way ticket to the libertarian paradise of Somalia. Good bye. Good luck.


    And I’d happily buy any commie, socialist, social democrat or whatever the fuck they like to call themselves a one-way ticket to the Worker’s Paradise of North Korea. Or any other People’s Republic.


    Freedom is the right of all sentient beings … as long as they’re not brown.

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