my little pony fleshlight

my little pony fleshlight

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    that is so wrong…and yet, I want one.


    Hell yea, I have been waiting for these to come out for months! Can’t wait to smash me some pony poon!


    you’ll see this in a month on NSFW

    thanks, feels like stolen.


    That ain’t right….


    Sometimes I think that this pony thing is similar to what happens with “those” priests. The direct target of your drives is denied of you so long that, in order to avoid the feelings of shame or rejection, the drive itself is transferred onto something opposite of the original stimulus (to something innocent and childlike).

    It’s just that instead of getting off on children – its innocent, underage, childlike, anthropomorphic ponies.

    Does this shit not worry anyone else, or am I reading way too much into it?


    So, they are Pedo-Furries…. great.


    That’s why I’m never letting NK babysit


    You’re reading too much into it. The show is awesome, is all.

    Taste in things non-sexual are not indicators of anyone’s sexuality.


    Listen to me and hear me now. The show is NOT awesome. You have too much fucking time on your hands. Read a book. Join a gym. Paint your bathroom. Walk your dog. Visit your grandparents. Do something that will improve and enhance your life, and stop watching and caring about fucking ponies like your a fucking 12 year old girl.


    You’re right. Off to pay a visit to your mom.

    It’s alright, I’ve got a dime to waste.


    But… but you don’t fleshlight your non-sexual tastes… Fleshlights are pretty decent indicators of sexuality, I promise you.

    That’s like having a dildo made from the mold of Tommy Lee’s junk and trying be like, “This isn’t an indicator of my sexuality, I just really like Motley Crue.”


    Good point. I wasn’t really commenting the fleshlights, more the “you like MLP = you’re a cryptopedo” thing. You’re pretty right, your choice in sex aids ARE a pretty solid indicator of your sexual tastes.

    Dyon 86

    Shouldn’t there be more hair???


    This aint real


    that grey one… gross


    Only the grey one!?


    well the grey one the most. Reminds me of dead flesh. The others just remind me of skittles.