sharing is not piracy

sharing is not piracy

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    Unfortunately some people are like robots from old SF movies – “Does not compute”.
    Sadly, their head doesn’t explode afterwards.


    This is true. If you let a friend borrow a CD, and then therefore can’t listen to it because he has the only copy, then you’re sharing. If you download shit online that you didn’t pay for, you’re not sharing anymore, you’re pirating.

    Just saying.


    Yet copying is still cheating.

    People pirate because they want free shit. Stop trying to turn it into something noble. If you can handle the fact that you’re doing something a little bit naughty without trying to justify it, then you’re too freaking sensitive for the internet.


    Is copying things other people don’t want to be copied 100% pure and noble ? No.
    But making it a fucking crime against the whole damn economy, humanity, whatever, is even more wrong.