a world with no guns

a world with no guns

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    I honestly agree with this.


    Swordfighting? Yep, I do that. Then some wuss goes and puts an arrow in your knee…


    This is the only legitimate anti gun argument I’ve ever seen.


    How about: “guns don’t kill people, but a ready availability of guns makes it easier to kill others, yourself and hold up liquor stores”?


    How about: “guns don’t kill people, but the mere possibility that someone might have a gun means the strong think twice before preying on the weak”?

    In a world without effective weapons, opportunistic predators will do what they like.


    That would explain the low crime rates in the US.



    The Swiss have an even higher gun ownership rate and a much lower crime rate. When controlling for demographic differences Americans have the same approximate violent crime rates as victims and perpetrators as those peace-loving and docile Canadians and Europeans. Less than 15% of the American population, demographics not found in significant numbers in either Canada or Europe, are responsible for around 90% of all violent crime.

    Have an Evil day


    Read this series, it’s awesome…world with no guns…not so much. 😉



    Because the only important thing is finding a good way to kill other people –


    how ’bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away. . . WITH MIND BULLETS


    That’s telekinesis, elzarcothepale.


    @ korinthian. Crimes, especially violent crimes are much higher in areas with low and highly restricted gun ownership. D.C., Chicago, New York. Even in my state, Philadelphia. Philly being the only place where you can not legally open carry without a license (in the rest of the Commonwealth, open carry is of course legal.) Where I live it is not uncommon to see persons walking around with rifles, during game sessions. People like to say: AMERICA, like we’re a little European country, or even remotely similar from one end to the other. My little State (actually a Commonwealth), is 23rd… Read more »

    Go an hour south, and you’re in the capital city of Harrisburg. Totally different world, and culture….


    Do you have a link regarding the gun ownership/crime rate your mentioned?


    people should kill the crap out of each others based on pure skill and primal rage. using guns is cheating xD