Brinicle – Ice finger of death

BRINICLE.jpg (747 KB)

At the time of its creation, a brinicle resembles a pipe of ice reaching down from the underside of a layer of sea ice. Inside the pipe is the supercold, supersaline water being produced by the growth of the sea ice above, accumulated through brine channels. At first, a brinicle is very fragile; its walls are thin and it is largely the constant flow of colder brine that sustains its growth and hinders its melt that would be caused by the contact with the less cold surrounding water. However, as ice accumulates and becomes thicker, the brinicle becomes more stable.
A brinicle can, under the proper conditions, reach down to the seafloor.

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    I love these, but it sure would suck to be one of those sea stars.




    Beautiful picture.


    Shitty video, I know, but this is from Frozen Planet:


    You know you have a good amount of nerd/old man DNA when seing this on HD tv nearly brought tears to your eyes.

    Absolutley stunning episode/segment


    60′ line freezing breath weapon…in slow motion.

  • Here's a few awesome images!