Black March (as in month, as in protest)

Black March.jpg (120 KB)

Could you please put this in Coon’s High Speed of Approval & Publication Lane ?
I think it’s important too.


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    Isn’t Mass Effect 3 coming out in March? Good luck.


    You could wait until April to buy it. It’ll still be in the stores.


    You still have to install that damn Origin thing.

    I can wait for ME3.


    I’m in.


    Call me an enemy of the cause if you will; you cannot stop me from downloading porn. Not even for one day…


    Don’t they try to do this each year and fail miserably?


    no, just no


    Spoiler alert-

    It’s not going to work


    I’ve apparently been doing this whole ‘Black March’ thing for almost a year or so.


    You’re a saint


    Wait WHY would anybody do this? It’s not just going to fuck over all those “evil” corporations – you’re impacting the economy too, you morons.


    Here’s a few ideas…

    Why not take all the money you were going to give to these three mega-corporations (music, films, books/publishing) and buy something else:

    take the family out to eat
    buy a dog/cat/horse, a house
    re-decorate the kitchen
    a car
    a new television/stereo system
    a computer/Apple/iPad
    a vacuum cleaner
    buy flowers for all the women you work with
    buy a prostitute for the weekend (instead of porn)
    take the mistress dancing, …

    It’s not really that hard… keep moving the money around just not in those three principle areas.
    That’s the whole idea behind this… the rest of consumer goods/purchasing will go up except in those three areas.

    The message we send will be loud and clear:
    Without us (the consumer) you fuckers don’t have a job.
    Fuck you, respect us and our rights.


    I think you hit on something there. But becareful where you spend your money. There are companies out there that aren’t Media companies, but they support SOPA and PIPA, they shouldn’t get your dollars either.

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