Neil deGrasse Tyson

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    Granted this is a few years old, but it sort of flies in the face of Tyson’s statement.


    Great way to use a fragment quote to make it look like he said something he never really said – or even implied.

    if you want to hear what he REALLY said look at this –


    The god of the gaps is a bad argument.

    But then again, so are all arguments for the Christian god.


    i believe in god. so what. i dont care if you dont. why make a big deal of it?


    I wish more people who believed in God were like you. Moral fruit is too often served alongside religious nuts; it offends the palate.

    God save us from half the people who think they’re doing God’s work, no?


    It doesn’t bother you that you can’t defend your position intellectually?


    I don’t see anyone saying that.


    God is of faith. Not a tree limb. It is a nice feeling that I have hope for the sinful life I have lead, and as you get older you really want that hope. If there is no hope then that may be part of why there are so many teen suicides today as opposed to years ago. Lets just say prior to the 90’s. Fewer kids today have any sort of moral compass. It does not matter where they get it, they just need it. Parents, teachers or the church needs to show these kids a line and tell… Read more »


    How sentimental.

    I take that to mean “I don’t mind what I believe in as long as it feels good and makes me sleep well at night”.

    You Christians should stop spelling truth with a capital T as you have no regard for it.


    I do, now, see someone saying that.


    I also believe in God and His blessings. That does not hinder me from being who I am, but you can bet I never carried a gun to school and started killing teachers and fellow students. Just as I truely can not prove God exists, nor can scientists prove how old the earth is. It changes every few years when they find an “older” rock. Sometimes I think that is just God’s sense of humor. He puts a new rock somewhere for scientists to find and sits back and watches the uproar it creates. Too funny.


    I thought it was the devil who planted the fossils.

    Oh, and scientists can prove that the earth exists. Check mate!


    oh dear, it’s people like you that damage society. people so stuck in their belief system that they ignore the very evidence in front of them. that is delusion my friend. you may think your views aren’t harmful but your very ignorance will be forced upon your children or those susceptible to your denials. that is the very opposite of progress. your older rock statement is ridiculous…. the definition of a disease for example changes every time someone finds another trait it has..i’m sure you have no objection to using this when you take your modern medicine… a scientific view… Read more »


    Now your thinking I am a religeous zealot. Wrong. I just believe in Christ and God. It gives ME comfort. I really don’t care what you use for comfort. I do not ignore facts but you seem to. Recently an article surfaced about Jesus being real. Several agnostic and athiestic scientist could not find fault with everything Jesus is supposed to be. People just believe the new patter. God is dead. God doesn’t exist. Prove that to me. No amount of science can do that. Let me tell you a little story about me. I am a Vietnam combat veteran.… Read more »


    Well done, Vietnam veteran! You are a soldier not for nothing. I am a scientist and engineer and I believe in God/Man Jesus. I believe because I saw the limits of science. Beyond those limits is another world, with another logic, not Boolean, but rather logic of infinite sets that has yet to be developed. Will YOU do it? I believe because every theory including theology is just a tool, a model that helps to extract the truth. Many theories contradict each other, but for a physicist it’s OK. Is an elementary particle a wave that spreads everywhere and has… Read more »


    Why should I listen to someone who is supposed to be smart but can’t separate the idea of “intelligent design” from “ignorant, close-minded, thumper’s religion”? Oh wait, I know. It’s because I can’t understand how there could be such a large series of perfectly random universal coincidences that could lead to something as complex as human life. Guess that’s my bad.


    “It’s because I can’t understand how there could be such a large series of perfectly random universal coincidences that could lead to something as complex as human life. Guess that’s my bad.” It IS ‘your bad’. Read more, think more, and don’t ask us to teach the controversy. There is no controversy, and never has been one; only your ignorance and stubbornness. Intelligent Design substitutes experiment and examination with faith and plugs unfalsifiable claims in where none belong. It isn’t based on evidence and experiment, but upon ignorance combined with a lack of imagination and a most flawed and backwards… Read more »

    fracked again

    Yes, bstaples, it is because you can’t understand. For once, you have correctly self-identified your own ignorance as the problem… but you still blamed NdGT for you being the idiot.


    “And thar’s yur problum”.
    Neither one of you rocket scientists know me or my background. You don’t know what I’ve read, examined or written. And yet…
    “Read more, think more…There is only your ignorance and stubbornness” and “you have correctly self-identified your own ignorance as the problem.”

    All because I don’t agree with you. I MUST be ignorant. Good show fellas.


    “hurr durr stop agreing wit me u guyez”

    We don’t need to know you to agree when you say that you don’t understand, and then prove it.


    OK I will say it. Amen bstaples. They accuse Christians of being narrow minded, when they will not even take the time to read and study what they want to destroy. There is much fear there I think.


    Get off your horse, anon. I’ve studied ID, Physics, Biology, Evolution, and your precious holy text (Oh which one do I mean? Take your pick.) and understand well what I am saying. You and fools like bstaples get a harsh rebuke for being the stubborn lackwit at the back of the class who JUST WON’T FUCKING LISTEN when the important lessons are being taught because they don’t square with what you were taught in Sunday School. I’m not the one to demonstrate the flaws of ID concepts like ‘Irreducable Complexity’ and Primum movens; that work has already been done and… Read more »


    I thought Christians didn’t believe in coincidence.

    How likely is it that someone wins the lottery? Or gets struck by lightning while in a church? Very unlikely, almost impossible. Yet, when it has happened it is certain.

    Also, stop arguing from your own ignorance, as it doesn’t change the world around you, and does not convince smarter people.


    Naw! It’s cops that don’t believe in coincidence.


    The arrogance of youth is astounding.

    Have an Evil day


    Moldy Bible here we come! 😀

    T.G. Fisher

    Fear of death is the mother and father of ALL religion. Philip Wylie said that.
    Ignorance and stupidity are their only begotten children. I said that.


    Wow. Amazing how intolerant the “enlightened” crowd can be. Here’s a clue: humans have spiritual appetites. The ones that claim to be “above” religion simply displace their spiritual needs into something else, like Gaia worship or Obama worshop (or more often, their own reflection). Witness all the caterwauling over Climate Change. You guys claim to be all about science and yet you put your faith in broken climate model code that returns a negative value for the sum of two squares. Thats not Science. Hell, its not even Math unless you use imaginary numbers. So you believe in numbers that… Read more »

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