Your life is just fine

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    Until your country’s leaders starve you to near death you are not allowed to ever be anything other than happy.

    So sayeth the dimwitted fags of the interwebs.


    Google Image Search: “First World Problems”


    How does their “suck” make my “suck” less?


    Jesus fucking Christ. This world is not perfect. Putting up pictures about starved children and bitching at people complaining about small problems just makes you look like a cunt. Everyone has problems, yes some are worse than others. But complaining about people complaining is the most worthless thing you can do with your time. Instead of collecting first-world “fml”s and linking it to starving African children maybe you could use that time to donate some fucking money or do something to help.


    yeah, but why you mad tho?


    >But complaining about people complaining is the most worthless thing you can do with your time.

    You don’t say.


    I don’t know bout any of that but I just scarfed half a box of russell stover and a quart of milk for lunch, so…


    Bitch, I’ve grown accustomed to a certain standard of living, those kids on the other hand were born with jack shit, have jack shit, and will die with jack shit and the parents shouldn’t have brought a child into this world if they knew they’re gonna have jack shit. Fucks Sake we don’t have an economic problem in the world, its just fucking overpopulation. We need a new plague.


    You’re a fucking dick, you know that? Lucky bastard being born to people with money in a better country than that, and all you can say is that their parents just “should have had them”?



    hes got a point tho. those kids will be filthy and hungry till the day they die. is that a life?


    No, that’s not the point… the point is “I grew up used to a certain standard of living, these kids were born with shit (etc) and just shouldn’t have been born.” Did YOU choose to be born? Yeah, I fucking thought so.

    Neither did they. Do I guess because their parents made a mistake, they’re stuck living in poverty.