The Middle Finger Heard Around The World

Apparently, Middle fingers are obscene now? Is this all we have to be outraged about? I remember seeing the digital fuckup, but just attributed it to incompetence on the broadcaster, but apparently we can attribute it to moral outrage that someone moved their hand in a fashion that was obscene.

No one’s commenting on the fact that I stared at Madonna’s starred vagina for 20 minutes, and that she was spreading her legs like professional whore. I enjoyed it, and wish more women would do it, but seriously, all that and the country is having a shit fit over MIA’s middle finger? Thank god it wasn’t a boob or else the country may have exploded.

The finger in question, with the attempted censoring:

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    Pretty sure the middle finger has always been obscene. Otherwise I was sent to detention a few times for nothing.


    america – the land of the idiots


    I don’t know what’s worse. The outrage over it, or the fact that she had to cause an outrage to try and remind people who she is.


    I still don’t know who she is.

    Bob Bobson

    I’d give 100 million people watching a game of catch the middle finger anyday


    Tiki, I have a site suggestion, replace the thumbs up & down system on anon comments with a middle finger.


    Who was it who said “obscenity is like pornography –you know it when you see it”…? But yeah, it’s been referred to as an “obscene gesture” as far back as I can remember.


    The History Of The Finger:


    Who would have guessed that a half-time show composed primarily of rappers would include a gesture such as one that implies, “this is a phallus.”

    I, for one, am shocked.


    “This video has been removed by the user.”
    Damn user.



    the amount of fucks I gave.


    I watched the half time show this year and was like, wow, this is actually pretty tasteful. My boyfriend and I recognized everyone who came on EXCEPT for the MIA gal. To be honest, I didn’t notice she had flipped the bird until I saw it here. The game is still on my DVR so I went back and re-watched the half time show. Sure enough, there it was.

    Personally, I don’t care about this. But what’s-her-name should have kept in mind that families were watching.

    Oh well. Life goes on.


    you and your boyfriends are retards just like the rest of this country


    And a merry fuck you to you too! 😀


    She did keep it in mind. She could: A) Come out. Sing her crap at best song. Go away, and have no-one even asking what her name is. or B) Come out. Sing her crap at best song. Flip the bird on one of the most watched shows on earth. Go away and have people on youtube, forums, facebook, news, radio etc talk about her for a couple of weeks. Release her next album and have it talked about as the album from the woman who flipped off the super bowl. Worked for Janet. Al least she whipped out a… Read more »


    Here’s why i’m upset: You were given the chance to play on the biggest stage in the US, something FAR FAR FAR better musicians never will get the chance to do. And the only way you can recognize and express gratitude and respect for that opportunity is by flipping the bird? Really bitch? Because of shit like this, the Superbowl will get safer and more “family-friendly” acts, which as we all know, doesn’t equate to better music. I hope all the soccer moms and prudes continue to overreact and write letters, and her sponsorship dries right the fuck up, and… Read more »


    No, nobody’s really upset over this, they’re just pretending to give a fuck.


    People “around the world” don’t give a shit about american football.