That’s an old trick

man_in_the_middle.jpg (129 KB)

The man in the middle attack.

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    Actually the thing that caught my eye was the guy on the rights thumb, makes the girl look like she has a tranny on first glance.

    tiki god

    you see now, I’ve seen this picture around the net, and I have absolutely no clue how anyone would see the hand as a penis.

    the penis would be holding a cup, how is that possible?


    Don’t look directly at the hand.. look just above the hand at her purple top. That way the guys arm looks like her pelvis and the glass just looks like it is sitting on a table.. till you look closer.. Its just a first wtf moment. =)


    Crop the pic so that you cant see the thumb and you will see it clearly.


    wait, your penis can’t hold a cup?


    I know, right? Mine’s holding my beer as I type this.


    you win, that’s the joke of this pic.
    the hand of the person in white (m? f?), the thumb is the ween and the fleshy base of the thumb looks like balls.


    dibs on “fleshy base” for new band name


    long as I can be your “base” player!

    Robert Spam

    I thought the hand holding the glass was around the tranny’s waist and the thumb was out of view (at first!). Completely flipped me out.