Lord of the Rings Lego

Here’s the first look at the upcoming Lord of the Rings Lego figures to be included in the Lord of the Rings Lego sets. Looks for the sets to be hitting stores and online retailers around June 2012.

my goodness Gollum looks awesome.
via Lord of the Rings Legos Revealed | Superheroes-R-Us.

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    Luke Magnifico

    This is going to be most excellent.


    What the fuck?
    They put TM on every fuckin’ word! They don’t even own the right to do that. They didn’t create those characters – Tolkien did. Why the fuck would they do that?
    Downvote me all you want, but what the actual fuck, America?


    “One bracelet to rule them all,
    One bracelet to find them.
    One bracelet to bring them all
    And in the darkness bind them.”


    these look cool, and at the same time, I miss the days when all the lego characters had the same generic smile faces.