Rare Calvin & Hobbes watercolor up for auction

Calvin & Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson is notoriously reclusive, and original pieces of art from his long-running strip are just as rare. That’s why recent news by Heritage Auctions that a piece of his is going up for sale is worth perking your ears up about.

I miss the days of starting my morning reading Calvin and Hobbes in the newpaper before I went to school.

via Robot 6

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    Hey Tiki God,
    This question may be a little off-topic, There are two parts. I’d like either one, but an explanation for both will make you much more eligible for the 10 points!

    Part 1: I saw a comic book by Kim Jong-il about the history of the world. Some frames had Calvin and Hobbes, but they didn’t do or say anything.

    Part 2: I was alone, unarmed, on the edge of an open field full of sand. Whenever I tried to enter it, ostriches tried to attack me, so I had to exit the sandy area. There were also 6-foot-tall geese with sheep’s wool instead of feathers.
    I kept trying to enter the field to kill a goose, but I had no weapons, so I had to strangle it, but because of the wool, it was very difficult to hold on to. I knocked it on the ground and kicked it, and I was about to climb on it’s back and kill the goose, but the alarm clock rang.

    It has been bothering me all day because it is very rare for me to remember my dreams at all. Thanks for your answers!



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