Papoose board

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    I know i sure would be calm if i was confined and incapable of moving.

    Nice idea, check forced tickling . . .


    The problem is the arms are going to be sticking out of the stretcher….


    it’s how they immobilize convicts for Lethal Injection


    To a three-year-old, every injection is a lethal injection.


    It doesn’t hold them still. They still can move. They cry more tied down too.


    If i were a mentally handicap kid (who else would this be made for) and was tied down i bet i would just flip my shit more.


    Having worked in mental health for many years sometimes some form of restraint (always a last resort) is the only option to helping, while this may look horrific it is meant to keep the individual safe from themselves and from harming anyone else. Most forms of restraint can’t be used for more than an hour at a time without medical intervention, that might depend on state.

    Also in some cases this “hold” might be comforting to an individual, watch the movie Temple Grandin, it gives good insight into that scenario.




    Having worked as a phlebotomist in a hospital, it was unfair to both worried parent and sick child to expect either the child to sit still on their own, or to have the parent hold them still while I tried to draw a syringe full of blood for testing. Never worked either. If the parent couldn’t successfully hold them still after one attempt, the patient and I moved to the separate room with the papoose board. The screams increased with the draconian lack of autonomy, but I didn’t have a problem with them wiggling out of my way while I… Read more »


    Attach to fence post or flagpole for crucifixion fun!


    Seriously, it should come with a Crucifiction add-on kit: crown of thorns, INRI sign, 2 sterilized nails, disclaimer notice (resurrection not included).