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    Yeah. The First and last one I watched the guy wasn’t doing anything but trying to take the other to the ground.


    That’s why BJJ is superior.


    You’re wrong on a number of levels, but I’ll cut to the chase. It’s a moot point. Pretty much all martial arts can’t deal with multiple attackers or weapons. Anyone who claims different is usually delusional or ignorant. Criticizing BJJ for that is like criticizing BJJ for not working against a mortar strike. Even worse, the people who claim to be able to fight multiple attacks ad /or weapons usually are too incompetent to fight a single unarmed person, yet they believe they can fight when the stakes are even higher. The fact of the matter is that BJJ is… Read more »


    BJJ doesn’t claim to be suitable for that. What’s your point? And I am simply pointing out that most martial arts that claim to defend against multiple attackers or knife wielding opponents don’t. It’s pretty obvious that if a martial art can not beat 1 unarmed person, they aren’t going to be effective against more than on person. Honestly though, there are people who train multiple attackers and weapons realistically, and BJJ stacks up fairly respectably. It does better than you would assume. I personally have sparred against multiple attackers and shock knives. There are some situations where ground fighting… Read more »

    tiki god

    BJs are awesome!


    Free prelims on Fox FX tonight, should be fun!

    I’m surprised some people are still late to the party on this stuff. It seems like most of the people who dismissed it 4 or 5 years ago are suddenly succumbing to the allure.

    Nick Diaz is a faggot. GSP will pull the wet from his back because he is a robot.


    There are some number of MMA fights that end in a knockout instead.

    I mostly find the whole thing boring to watch, though.


    I find that people need an educated mind to appreciate MMA.

    Most people can get entertained by flashy moves and big knockouts, but can’t appreciate the more subtle elements that come from the grappling aspect of MMA.

    Watching grappling is like watching a chess game. If you don’t know what’s going on, you’re not going to get a lot of entertainment value from watching it.


    Ninjitsu is not MMA.

    There you go pointing fingers and making accusation again. But let’s remember you little hypocritical mantra.

    “it’s not a smear when you do it.”

    Besides, you really proved my point. It takes real knowledge to appreciate a grappling match. You don’t understand it, so you toss labels around like neanderthal.

    You really don’t demonstrate any real knowledge. Just ego.


    Fun fact: Watching something on TV doesn’t give you real knowledge, and simply associating with someone who does something doesn’t mean YOU personally know anything.

    I know plumbers. Does that make me knowledgeable about plumbing?

    It’s also funny how much you cry about smears just to turn around and smear the people who do MMA. So childish.

    Face facts, the real reason behind all of this is your fragile ego.

    Think before you speak, PuPu.


    I can tell you’re stuck up your own ass.

    I haven’t made broad generalizations. I made two very specific points.

    One was about the purpose of the gi.

    One was directed at the lack of apparent skill in our friends the Ninja Ladies.

    Really you’re the one who can’t conduct a conversation. You have failed to address a single point. You respond with smears and generalizations.

    You talk about what it is to be a martial arts. Yet one tiny question sends you on a childish rampage.


    You have no rational response. That’s the point. What is funny is you say I haven’t earned a rational response, then you respond anyway. Golf clap for contradicting yourself so much. I never said BJJ or MMA was greater than your silly martial art. Good lord, do you know what projection bias is? I made criticisms that pertain to training methods. That’s what you don’t get. Hell I could make criticisms of all martial arts all day and you would nod your head in agreement. But you fly off the handle at the slightest criticism of your precious flower. And… Read more »


    puulaahi, I think it’s time the curtain came down. I really just wanted to see how you would respond to a little prodding, so I chose three things that are sore spots for a lot of (or most) martial artists. One was direct criticism of you. One was criticism of your martial art. One was a criticisms of your training methods. You responded in a predictable manner. Not necessarily surprising, considering the mountains of pride every martial artist tends to carry around. You have spent the majority of this discussion telling me how one martial art is not better than… Read more »


    Bud? should have said budo.


    So much anger and so many excuses.

    You have a lot to learn.


    The only thing preventing you from having a discussion is you.

    I don’t think you could have a discussion, considering the utter outrage generated over a little criticism. Apparently talking to you like you talk to other people makes me an asshole. Besides, I don’t think you would like what I have to say.

    Regardless, I have a plane to catch. Good luck with your training.


    Lol that was funny. Jew Fag Anon trolled you hard by acting just like you.

    Asshole Jew Fag was probably fake. Puulaahi is a thin skinned idiot who believes his own bullshit..

    The icing on the cake was watching all the false modesty at the end. Nice job weeping and crying there about how humble you are, morons.

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