God Bless America Trailer

what did I just watch? Looks a lot like a cross of Super and Postal, which was a Uwe Boll flick, and was…well it was a Uew Boll Flick.

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    FUCK BATMAN 3!!!!!!!


    Wow. This one’s gonna have people shitting their pants.


    Bobcat is freakin’ amazing. Bless that man a thousand times over.


    DITTO !


    Looks like a good Netflix choice . . .


    looks like a good movie


    Movie? Damn was hoping it was a documentary film.

    It’s a bag of shit. I’ve seen it.

    Unless you’re a fucking idiot. It’s basically the fantasy fodder for people who sit on Starbucks patios and faggot about the people who walk past.

    Worlds Greatest Dad was amazing. This proves it was an isolated incident.


    It’s a fantasy for people like us (almost fifty) that have had it
    with sh1theads like you my friend….

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It’s fantasy for fucking idiots who cry about violence in movies until it suits their warped, fucked up, inexplicable elitist sensibilities.

    This movie plays to that ultra small minority who have it in their heads that because they’re all so full of shit they are like a majority. It’s pathetic. You’re pathetic. This movie sucks. You’re a joke. Night night, sweety.


    And you just proved his point retard.


    ive read many of your comments in the past and wondered why people always talk shit against you.. this comment has done it for me. you are officially an idiot


    Really? It took more than 1 thread to do it?