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    the single person who will make something of himself


    ACER is a terrible brand of laptop. Just dogshit components and slapdash assembly, by comparison to every other brand.
    I hate Apple. They still make a better laptop than ACER. As for the OS? Well, I guess that all depends on what that class is.


    I wouldn’t invest a lot for a piece of hardware that prone to getting bumped a lot or accidentally dropped because of how frequent it’ll have to be carried around. It’s better to have a cheap, yet effective, laptop for these scenarios and another machine with better capabilities to be used in a more secure environment. After all, you can use cloud storage services to access your data on either machine.

    I don’t like Apple but that’s besides the point of this picture, it basically says “Be different. Just like everyone else.”


    yeah, I know- and I’m on the same page as the general thrust of the pic, and your comment, for that matter. I just think it’s a funny counterpoint that the one guy who didn’t conform in this case picked a shitty alternative.


    I’ve always had great luck with Acer and Asus brands. Your description sounds a lot like E-Machines though.


    Yeah E-machines are on the bottom of the list as well- ASUS, on the other hand is what I consider to be one of the top, in terms of hardware. I imagine that your experience is based more on your usage than on your brands- kudos!
    My experience comes from repair work and disassembling- literally thousands of laptops. Well, at least one thousand laptops. Anyway, that obviously means that I only see those pieces of equipment which failed or developed problems, but the #of ASUS is teeny tiny, while ACER is a fat piece of the pie chart.


    i have a toshiba qosmio. i think it’s perfect, what do you think?

    purple banana

    I have an Acer tablet. I love it. It even has a USB port…


    My dell laptop has been doing quite well. Nothing fancy. Strictly for random internets (prons) and store my music.