Black March

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if you are black (or not white for that matter) go outside and march, you have no money so it’s the only way your voice can be heard.
broke ass fuckers

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    Really? A better name couldn’t be conceived than “Black March”… ? Is it like, a civil rights reference? I have a dream where systematically created music designed to manipulate people into mistaking predictable beats and repetitive lyrics for musical craftsmanship worth money is not sold for artificially inflated prices that pretend scarcity exists in the digital age? It’s a double-edged sword. As much as the media industry needs to learn that they can’t pull bullshit like this forever and, someday, a return to people with quality thoughts and soulful expression will be necessary — people need to learn that the… Read more »


    So you suggest we carry on like always and not give out any sort of message.


    *Forever delayed response* Not at all, just suggesting that our actions aren’t concentrated on attacking one area of a multi-dimensional problem in a way that causes us to ignore the other faults. It’s like trying to lose weight by cutting out soda and chewing sugarless gum. Yeah, sugar is a contributing factor, but chances are a good portion of your lifestyle, eating habits, and attitudes towards food are the problem. To follow the analogy, I’m saying to recognize sugar is a problem, but maybe also not eat a lawn-bag of Doritos after three courses of Denny’s before claiming it’s the… Read more »



    Barry Barcrest
    Barry Barcrest

    “It’s Music for Black People and it’s current, It’s Black Current….” Into to some cheesy soul train rip off with a bad title.