Iron Man vs Magneto

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    Stark naked 😀

    tiki god

    why does iron man have repulsers on his hips?


    The latest armor has something like 9 different repulsor points, including multiple repulsors in the chest

    Luke Magnifico

    Because apparently more repulsors is better repulsors.

    Give it another 10 years, his entire suit will just be one giant shiny thing.


    The only thing I can think of is, Tony will wear some kind of polymer/ceramic type of armor. But if he does that, Eric will just crush him with a aircraft carrier. Magic 8 Ball says, “Outlook not so good”.


    Personally I think the whole cross over fight is a dumb idea. You’d think that after 60 years, have characters who’ve been members of both teams, and the the other times they’ve fought alongside each other they would be able to talk it out.
    I think the fights over the Scarlet Witch, so realistically, only Magneto should be fighting anyone here. What would have made more sense if Vision and Wonder Man helped Magneto. But it wouldn’t sell like Avengers vs. X-Men I guess.

    tiki god

    her again? Wasn’t she the main focus of the 197 thing? and the world without mutants? and I’m pretty sure she was the cause of a couple other really large crossovers back in the 80’s and 90’s too, I seem to remember one where she imagined her babies, and they turned out to be demons or something.


    It looks like the thickest point of Iron Man’s suit is his face plate.

    Just rename him to Shiny Spandex Man, already.

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