Every Doctor Who Story from 1963 to Now

i can’t. I just can’t. who can watch this? what utter….ugh. Why can’t I get into Dr Who? Why is everyone else going crazy about it?

1967 cybermen do look cool though.

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    Just as I don’t get why you fucking post ponies and drool over Emmas.


    I was actually gonna post something trying to point out reasons ( such as, I love the new series but the old one is just laughably bad, somewhat like Star Trek TOS, love TNg, thing TOS is crap) but this actually kinda gets the point across better


    I agree the new ones are the only ones I can watch. I personally think Matt Smith is the best doctor. and also I would like to add to the stop posting fucking ponies petition.


    Probably helps if you grew up watching it. Yeah, the old stuff was low budget and cheesy in retrospect.

    Luke Magnifico

    New Dr Who and old Dr Who are worlds apart.

    Tana Sanders

    Woot! I watch it! I love it!! That was great. Love it old and new.