A Guy With 10,000 URLs Tattooed on His Body

PatVaillacourt 1.jpg (65 KB)

In order to get a tattoo on his body, all you need to do is pay him $35 through PayPal, fill out a form and that’s about it.

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    Interestingly, Peerblock would not allow me to connect to that site in the link, as apparently there is something undesirable at that location. The “Range” in the blocked window at that ip address lists the threat as “W32.Downadup.Conficker – conflickerupdate.info
    Might be nothing, or a false alarm, but (without going to Google it for verification) I seem to recall a trojan or malware with the name “conficker”. Click at your own risk.


    Hope he took some hi-rez pics, ’cause in 5-10 years they’ll be smeared into illegibility.

    Luke Magnifico

    “I want to break a world record and become the man with “the most Websites tattooed on his body.” But more importantly, I want to help others.”

    Bullshit, fucking attention whore.


    fucking attention whore? fucking attention whore with 350k and a world record.