what’s her name from hercules

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    Couldn’t bring myself to watch Hercules get disney’d. There’s a lot I can stomach in the name of kid’s entertainment, but Greek myths are beyond my pale.


    It’s actually not bad. I have a daughter (she’s 2) that likes to watch it from time to time. James Woods did great with the voice and personality of Hades, and even Danny Devito was good as Philititties.

    It is not great, but it’s better than most of the nausea inducing drek that disney puts out.


    who are you? why should we care?


    I’m elzarcothepale, a person who signs into the site before I comment, so that I can have discussions, debates, or arguments with other signed in users. Wanting to be anonymous is fine- but your comments are worthless to me because there’s no one behind them to address anything to. Sign in and pester me, if you want because right now, I don’t like you, I don’t hate you- I nothing you. Consider yourself edified.