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    Fantastic book. I hope they don’t trash the movie . . .


    you know they will, but i do hope you are correct


    trailer has me worried.


    Even the cast has me worried… When was the last decent movie starring Pitt made? ’96?


    Moneyball was great.


    Just finished listening to the (abridged, sadly) audiobook, and loved it; can’t wait to see the film.


    Jesusfuckingchrist. Brad Pitt is IN the movie? IN it? Like “acting” in it? Noooooooooo….please no….
    I have read this book 3 times. Twice in a row the first time. It’s the most amazing realistic representation of a Zombie Apocalypse ever. Why has Pitts name come up at all on this project? I don’t want him anywhere near it, in fact, I don’t even want him to go SEE it.

    Luke Magnifico

    So I take it you’ve never seen Seven, Twelve Monkeys, Fight Club, Snatch, Inglorious Basterds or Moneyball? All of which are movies in which Brad Pitt does a great job?


    Oh, no. I never heard of any of those movies you stupid asshole. My point is, and if you read the book and saw that train wreck of a trailer, they will turn his roll of a journalist who simply chronicles the story, into a gun brandishing, explosion escaping, one line dropping action star BECAUSE it’s Brad Pitt. Get it now?


    How long have you had the ability to predict the future?


    how long have you been stupid

    Luke Magnifico

    “gun brandishing, explosion escaping, one line dropping action star”

    This is not a role that Brad Pitt commonly plays. You incredibly wrong person.


    Saying brad pitt is bruce willis IS wrong.
    I loved this book, and it was one of the few books i’ve bothered investing energy in trying to make some of my less bookish friends read.
    I was excited that a movie would be made, but there was never really any chance that it would be done properly in Hollywood.
    I feel like I could have designed a wholly better approach, but I do NOT think I could’ve sold that approach to the Hollywood machine, nor do I think the average audience would accept the retrospective as a framework setting.


    look you goddam motherfucking cock. did you see the trailer? Did you? He has TWO GUNS in his hands. my god. how have you survived this long. your stupidity knows no bounds.

    Luke Magnifico

    The only trailers I can find are fake. Be a dear and link me. My points are: 1) Obviously the film can’t be a direct adaptation. The format just doesn’t fit Hollywood, it’d be impossible to get any studio to pick it up. 2) Brad Pitt is not an action hero. So the odds of him playing that style of character in this movie are low. So what if he has guns? A character in a zombie movie who doesn’t have guns is usually a very shortlived character. Besides, your slating of Pitt wasn’t based on the trailer, you just… Read more »


    The trailer does not look good.


    forgive me elzarcothepale. that was obviously meant for luke the plebeian.


    That text looks like it was made by a toaster.