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    And so, casemods is now on the FBI list. Please, do try to board a plane sometime soon. We won’t miss you.

    And no, I don’t like Obama either, but anything that can be even remotely qualified as a death threat to a sitting president will get you in “the FBI list”. And don’t try to hide behind “Freedom of Speech” thing.

    tiki god

    casemods hasn’t been on the site in like months.


    He does breathe on the back of your neck while you sleep though.


    Enjoy your tax audit.


    Wow, didn’t think I’d see offensively shitty racist images while browsing MCS.

    With all the pony images and stupid shit like this, MCS is really starting to suck.


    for reals. damn.


    Funny. When people wanted Bush dead, this sort of shit was considered political speech.


    But they didn’t do so by pointing to a method of execution associated with racial prejudice against blacks. Also, saying “We want Bush dead” was just as taboo as it is now, and you only heard it from the irrational extremists. Also, trying to say “they did it, so it’s acceptable now that we do” is like saying “Well, the Khmer Rouge killed people with glasses, so it’s okay that I’m killing people with glasses.” They were wrong then, you’re wrong now.

    tiki god

    in all honesty though, what method of execution isn’t associated with killing dark skinned people?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Tying someone to a chair and pouring boiling water down their throat.

    Darkies did/do that to white farmers in South Africa. You know…because they had it so bad before and its so great there now.

    When are people going to just accept that black people shouldn’t be allowed in politics?


    Since when is hanging associated with racial prejudice against blacks? During the course of history, plenty of white people got hanged, too. ‘sides, “beheading” doesn’t rhyme with “hope”.


    Here’s some black history education for you. Take note of the crime for a black man to be hanged. Yes, it’s hard to believe that this happened right here in America. Today we put a noose around our (black) president’s neck and it’s not supposed to be offensive… Lynching was still a method of use or threat up to 2004 Black Victims of White Lynch Mobs by State, 1882-1930 No. of victims per state Mississippi 462 Georgia 423 Louisiana 283 Alabama 262 South Carolina 143 Florida 212 Tennessee 174 Arkansas 162 Kentucky 118 North Carolina 75 Here’s just a few… Read more »


    : Fascinating history lesson, only completely missing the point. Yes, the justice system was, and arguably still is, biased against blacks.

    Execution by hanging, however, was used BY white people ON white people long before an average white person could be expected to ever have personally seen a black person. And later, when Africa was colonized and large parts of the US economy relied on black slave labor, hanging was still used and worked just fine on white people.

    I maintain that death by hanging is not and should not be “associated with racial prejudice against blacks”.


    Sorry… but you’re missing the point completely here. A white man was hanged or executed for committing a crime. A black man was hanged or executed for BEING black. (There was no crime involved… none. It was just a matter of his skin pigmentation being the wrong tint.) I am not arguing that a white man could be hanged or executed but this certainly NEVER took place simply because he was or is white. You can feign some semblance of pretence that death by hanging is not and should not be “associated with racial prejudice against blacks” but historical facts… Read more »


    Didn’t think you’d see shitty, offensive images? STARTING to suck? Who are you, where did you come from, and what did you do with the person who actually comes to this website on occasion? Don’t you remember the time that troll showed up and posted a bunch of images of his white trash pride (and cock) and Tiki gave him his own DOMAIN? M[C]S just needs some pro-active changes – a new layout, maybe something that’ll make the server a little more reactive, perhaps some kind of auto-shuffle that prevents 10 different pony-themed posts to run 10 hours in a… Read more »

    tiki god

    Reubens, awesome idea


    I once tried to find a picture of a reuben that looked appetizing so I could show it to a friend who was ignorant of their existence. It was a LOT harder than expected to find one that actually looked aesthetic; but maybe that’s all part of the reuben experience – like getting buffalo sauce all over your hands while eating the perfect batch of wings…

    Damnit Tiki, you wonderful bastard, now I know what I’m making for dinner tomorrow.

    Luke Magnifico





    Add in all the fricken pop-ups and the way it drives my Malware Bytes and Kaspersky Anti-Virus crazy, what’s posted is hardly worth the trouble these days.




    Even with that most of the posts suck now. Adblock won’t stop that.


    True. I took your comment as you having an issue with the spam/pop-ups making it barely worth coming to the site.

    As others have pointed out, the site runs on user submitted content, so if more contribute, NK’s posts will get watered down. In the mean time, we should welcome the ponies. Showing annoyance at them only spurs him on.


    Say “Hi” to the Secret Service for me. Or, your an asshole. Pick one.


    you’re already dead
    and you’ve doomed M[C]S
    great job, assfag

    This is like the A bomb of troll bait.

    Luke Magnifico

    Tiki’s gonna make so much ad revenue off this post.


    Hurr hurr I’m feeding the troll!


    best post and responses I’ve seen in a while


    Umm, seriously this will probably get you a visit from the Secret Service. A quick subpoena will get all the information they need to find you and then you’ll have to go through an interview and your real name will end up in their database.

    A lot of trouble for what is an unfunny and quite lame poster revision. And I don’t even like Obama.


    All this talk of the Secret Service is no joke. The OP and everyone involved with running this site could be in for some rough times.

    Back in 2002 (when G.W. was in office) a guy was in a bar talking politics and make a joke about a “burning Bush.” Since the president was scheduled to visit that town soon, someone thought it was a threat against him. Long story short, the guy got 37 months in prison for making a death threat against the president. You can Google it, but here’s one article about it:


    Dude (or Dudette),

    one problem with your story, it never happened. The story was either supposed to be on CNN, except it never was, or AP, except it never was there either. Even if the link is pulled by the host, you can usually pull it up using the “Wayback Machine” ( ). I think the tinfoil is cutting off you circulation.


    I was going to cite this example, but you beat me to it. I remember reading about it when it happened. I still think its ridiculous. Bush should have pardoned the guy. Of course he might not have even known about it – it took him five days to find out about Hurricane Katrina.


    This seems like a good way to get your website caught in the black-list


    Someone’s going to jail. Hope you get a nice boyfriend, ya dumbass.


    tyrannypony discovered spaceghetto?


    Jesus. What the fuck, guys?


    In addition to “tyarannopony“, look into user “magnus-buttfoorson” also.
    They’re both racists who support harm to the president.