trio fitness

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    Nice to see that other people have an eye on their body.


    they could rip your dick out of your pants just by looking at you.

    For reference this image should be included with every fat chick post on here.

    They probably eat a tonne. But they work out. That’s called healthy. Look at it. Study it. Recreate it. You’ll live a longer and much happier life, ladies.


    >They probably eat a tonne. But they work out.

    You don’t know what you’re talking about. Fitness comes from diet and exercise. You can’t just “eat a tonne” and then “work out.”


    Yes, he does know what he’s talking about

    The fitter you get, the longer you come to understand how to balance exercise with recovery, the more you are able to use food/fuel to add lean mass without gaining fat (i.e. you learn to eat what you need to adapt to be stronger/add mass, and not store more in the form of fat)

    You dont gain an athletic continually adapting stronger body on weight watchers – you simply reduce size.


    the fitter you get…longer you train*** 🙁


    That is exactly what I meant by “diet.” I did not mean diet as restricting food, I meant eating correctly, as opposed to “eating a tonne” which I assume to mean eating garbage, but magically “working out” to fix it.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    People don’t realize their metabolism will speed up as they work out. Or that most people that work out regularly eat way more than fat people. They just eat real food. They they down supplements on top of that. Its harder to build muscle than just starve off weight. What is weird is the fatties and the fags still cry back and forth about who is right when they’re both wrong. Eat unprocessed whole foods as much as possible. Work out at least 1 hour a day. The argument was over a long fucking time ago. Eventually people will just… Read more »


    Apparently we have the same ideas about health and metabolism. I work out everyday and I eat clean foods made mostly from scratch. I do not agree that all people who do not match my personal practices are “fatties and fags…. [who] just have to admit they’re too lazy.” When you wrote “eating a tonne,” I assumed you mean that people could eat garbage everyday and work out sometimes and still have the fitness level of the girls above. I assumed that is what you meant, because you constantly write condescending misinformed comments on here. I don’t think I’ve ever… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Are you retarded? What do you think muscle is built out of you fucking idiot?

    You HAVE to eat a tonne and work out in order to build.

    Trust me I really really really know what I’m talking about.


    I don’t trust you.


    Why exactly are they in a pinball arcade?

    No idea, what do you think ?

    purple banana

    Eating healthy and working out is good for a body, to a point. You put in what you put out. That being said, there is difference between an individual’s metabolism, based on age, current weight, hereditary and lifestyle factors; some people have naturally fast metabolisms, and others, slower. People who are overweight actually tend to have fast, though very inefficient metabolisms. It takes a lot of energy to maintain large amounts of ANY bodily tissue, whether it’s fat or muscle. Oxygenated blood and nutrients need to be sent to each cell. This is why overweight people who initially diet lose… Read more »


    Used to eat nearly 5.000calories a day in fish, rice and other starchies as a powerlifter and (attempted) pro sumo wrestler. But was just too small at 320lbs. So dont eat as much anymore, pared back down to 220. Now. as for the ladies above… could be fun trying to keep up with them. Really like the look of the one in blue


    fake boobs are fake