SSAK-47 Bump Fire Stock for the AK by Slide Fire Solutions

I’m told that this is 100% legal and comes with a certificate of legality from the ATF, but holy shit, it is WAY too close to being a fully automatic for my comfort. I’m sure there would be trouble if you brought this down to the local range. Looks like I could mod my saiga 223 to work with this perfectly, but why the hell would I want to?


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    friggin sweet! the vid says it fits my saiga-12, thought I am curious if it can cycle fast enough.


    I’d love to see the Saiga 12 fired with one of these things. I think after rounds it would turn into a flak cannon.


    Like the video says, bump firing is not particularly new. Most ranges would frown on it in that virtually every range I have been to doesn’t allow really rapid firing. Usually there is a 1 second rule or a “must get a valid sight picture between shots” rule.
    Neat to see the product though. Looks like a fun little gimmick. Too bad ammo costs so much these days.


    you must go to shitty ranges


    A dangerous person is dangerous regardless of the works inside a weapon.

    The machinegun registry was a stupid idea, closing it was stupider.

    That said, I personally don’t want one of these silly stocks, because the caliber to waste in mass quantities is .22lr … put out a 10/22, Marlin 70P, or other semiauto .22 variant and I might be interested. Or an unobtrusive wood M1 Carbine version, I’ll throw money down THAT hole just for the fun factor.


    you can’t truly bumpfire using any weapon that shoots .22lr; the recoil needed to do it right just isn’t there.


    The simple reason to have it is to provide effective suppression fire. Not to mention it gets around that unconstitutional tax stamp.


    “is to provide effective suppression fire”
    When the hell are you going to need suppression fire in the city ?


    Just wait…


    “Effective suppression fire” in your local Walmart.


    This still isn’t as nice as a real F/A. I’ve fired the slide fire and a real AR in F/A and there’s no comparison. Yes, it works, but it takes some practice to really get it to go.