peeing plane

boeing_747_drops_water_in_midflight-636-1.gif (3 MB)

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    tiki god

    why would they be doing a fuel dump of that size?


    If they doing a emergency landing they usually dump their fuel


    To generate more income, commercial airlines are now moonlighting as crop dusters.


    Given that this is the internet there should be at least one person who uses this site that believes this is the following:


    Well, SOMETHING burned hot enough to melt the steel in the twin towers, and it sure as hell wasn’t jet fuel, so my money’s on it being whatever chemicals are in those motherfucking trails. That’s what my neighbor told me … and she was absolutely right when she said she’d be dragged off by people with matching outfits into an unmarked car and never been seen again. Of course, she predicted black suits and a government car taking her to an unofficial and secret experimental facility, and it was more along the lines of like, matching scrubs taking her to… Read more »


    It’s the Fire-Fighting Tanker operated by Evergreen International before they painted the rudder red.

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