What Mac users put up with…

MacFinal.png (438 KB)

For all the “experts” out there.

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    I use a PC.
    I have Windows 7 installed on it and it is used for gaming and streaming movies to my TV.
    I don’t feel the need to defend Microsoft or Intel or any of the other manufacturers that have their hand in creating my computer. I do not care if others hate what I have, I only care that I enjoy what I have. The PC vs Mac debate is silly, none of those companies need defending and you don’t need to defend what you buy for your personal enjoyment.

    This cartoon is inane. Once again the same ‘types’ accuse people at random of the behaviour they’re the ones guilty of.

    This is basically a response to being told to shut the fuck up and told why they should shut the fuck up?

    Why don’t Mac users just shut the fuck up? Because if they’re not whining about something they’ll have nothing else to do.


    seriously, nobody gives a fuck about your mac.


    You don’t have to be an expert at something to know it sucks. Often times minimal observation is all that’s required. For example, NASCAR.

    Luke Magnifico

    I’ve been maintaining my sister’s iMac and macbook for 2 years now. Macs fucking suck balls.

    Such big balls they suck, oy vey.


    I’ve been using both PC and Macs for years now. Both have their pros and cons. The end.


    COMMODORE 64!!!!!


    I’ve had a Mac laptop for 6 yrs. Only recently needed a new drive. I use PC’s too… This debate is as stupid as Nascar.


    But if I point out that several optional upgrades on a mac are 1/4 the price on a pc build perhaps someone will change their mind, and the company which wouldnt let me drag and drop an mp3 onto my ipod, installed/forced regular updates software I did not want, and once suggested I buy a Madonna album – may loose one customer.


    I believe you mean “lose”.



    People who own Macs are much more likely to try and start arguments about how much better their system is, and how everyone should convert. It’s not a bad system, if that’s what you want, but it’s not even close to the holy grail of computing they always try and make it out to be.


    I think the point is the line you have on your devices. Today apple accompanied you at your desktop/laptop, tablet and phone. On all devices you have the same look and feel.
    If microsoft set this goal with win 8 on that devices, we will see.


    I don’t get it. So everything he says is correct, but… his zipper’s down?

    That ends up happening to me a lot, but in all fairness, I have a really huge cock.

    And I use a PC. Just sayin’


    this reminded me of user magnus-buttfoorson


    This is such a shitty comic with such a pointless message (or lack thereof) I bet it came from 9Gag.


    I agree, 9gag Sucks! Funny Junk FTW!