side ways push ups

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    Yeah, I agree. I mean, her boobs haven’t even moved from her being tilted. D:


    sports bra, idiot.

    Spend some more time in the gym. It’ll be good for you.

    russell sharpe

    Spend more time holding a woman’s breast.
    Correction: spend ANY time holding a woman’s breast.


    been 3-4 years living in Taiwan where chicks dig ABCs that speak fluent english, buddy.

    So yeah, I’ve gotten my fair share of action, unlike a certain someone here.

    And fuck this whole posting anonymously bullshit. Log the fuck in and post, you pussy.

    harry polack

    lol @ ian u practicing being a badass for the army?
    do it in front of a mirror like casemods


    Yeah, I’m a girl, asshole. I have personal experience with sports bras, and if they’re tight enough that they keep you from moving completely, they’re too tight.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Her body is likely not identical to yours. There could be padding in there. Anything. Basically you’re jealous and it’s obvious.

    The answer is to work harder to look like her instead of being a whining fat ass with saggy tits nobody wants to see.


    pass this woman some chocolate pasta with syrup


    She’s fit, athletic, and someone who obviously takes care about their body and overall health.

    If that ain’t beauty, then I don’t know what is.

    russell sharpe



    Not sure if I want her on my zombie survival team. On the one hand, I know she could pull her share of the load. On the other, she looks like she could outrun me.


    I like her face, if you don’t like her, congrats! Less complications for me 🙂


    She actually used to be a porn star.



    That’s a REAL WOMAN!!! It’s funny to see people on here absolutely amazed at how a healthy person looks. It’s like another world to those/you fat fucks. ‘What are those lines on her stomach and arms? She must need to eat more’ Those are called muscles!! That’s what is trapped under the gelatinous lard that makes up about 50% of your body weight. If you were healthy you would be able to see them and they’d be larger and more useful. You’d live longer. People wouldn’t object to looking at you and you wouldn’t be so ashamed of who you… Read more »


    I know people hate magnus but he is absolutely correct here. Here are the obesity trends between 1985-2010: There is absolutely no excuse for this as a society! It has never been easier to educate yourself for both working out and nutrition. Here are some helpful websites for workout nutrition and routines: Both those sites are great, you will find everything you are looking for there, I find that is more congested of a website but its got some good newbie sections. Try here for beginners workouts If you want some general information on healthy… Read more »