louie CK on the ten commandments

louie CK on the ten commandments

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    His latest show is fucking brilliant.


    Technically it is since No Adultery is a commandment and sex outside of marriage isn’t allowed.

    Basically the only raping ok’d at that point would be raping your spouse.

    That said, Louis CK is funny as hell.


    Oh that’s reaching pretty far out, and I think you know it. You’re well aware that God OK’d the marrying of conquered women from outside of the tribe (no Jews allowed apparently) without any real caveats. So while God’s law, when enacted perfectly, would prevent adultery and the enslavement of non gentiles, it does nothing to prevent rape and suffering or to discourage that sort of thing among it’s most vehement and sinless adherents.

    Point is, Louie is spot on; the morality of God is only marginally aligned with real humanitarian ethics and mostly concerned with establishing and fiercely guarding His primacy in the lives of his creations. Hardly the paragon of good and righteousness as espoused for the faithful throughout the millenia.

    fracked again

    Pretty sure that you can force a woman you are legally married to to have sex with you under Mosaic law. It isn’t considered rape in the Bible, but it is in most of the modern world.


    HAHA yea, Louie was spot on. Except for the fact that Rape was not only covered in the Mosaic Law but it was a capital offense.
    I get that you don’t believe in the Bible, whatevs. That’s your business. But simplifying and stretching basic shit to fit your dumb joke/concept/summary…is really just plain ignorant.

    And speaking of ignorant, Korinthian should be here any second now…

    fracked again

    Depends. If the woman raped is a virgin, it is a property crime against her father. Pay a small fine, marry her, no harm done. In this case, though, rape is covered under the don’t steal commandment.


    Not quite. The difference actually lies on the woman. According to Deut 22:28 if he grabs it, and she does nothing, and someone finds them, or as it says, “they are discovered”, then yes: you’ve socially marked her, have to pay restitution to the father, and you have to marry her and stay married.
    If you go for it, and she screams and struggles, then you’re executed like the scumbag you are.


    You don’t even realize that’s still fucked up, do you?

    Some morality.

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