dogs vs cats

dogs vs cats

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    Wtf are you talking about can be trained to detect cancer in humans?


    they can smell it.




    if anyone tells you that cats are independent and is less of a hassle to clean up after than dogs, they are either lying or don’t own a cat.


    I have a cat, and I can say that when it’s 5 degrees outside a pet’s ability to shit in a box is very attractive. Plus, few people have specially trained cancer-detecting dogs, most dogs can’t identify their own tails.




    I have both. My dogs can go all day without being obnoxious about their needs, whereas my cats can’t figure out how to use the damn litterbox. Oh, they know to go to the bathroom there, but for some reason in their fucked up little brains they think it’s a good idea to walk ten feet away from the box to start burying. The end result is a nasty smell and a confused looking cat pawing retardedly at a the carpet across the room. The damn things also behave as if they’ve never eaten in their entire lives. I’ve started… Read more »


    Cats can sense cancer too; they’re just too considerate to tell you since they don’t have a medical degree and don’t want to risk being sued for misdiagnosis.


    dogs ftw. cats are dirt

    Luke Magnifico

    There’s a reason Superman never had a cat.


    Dogs and cats are both fun (and kind of fascinating too) as companion animals. They both rank pretty high in intelligence in the animal world. They are equals, really, and right there with them in the smarts dept. are pigs.


    Yeah, but dogs are more loyal they think their owners are god. Cat just stare at you like they’re better than you.

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