never played banking

never played banking

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    You’ve never played 99-percenter? It’s easy. You avoid learning any knowledge or skill that might actually prove useful for society, you avoid doing any actual work, and then demand that everyone should bend over backwards to give you food and money and medical attention and a house and everything else you want just because, since you’re alive, you obviously deserve to get all those things for free without ever having to even think about earning them.


    Are you actually saying that teachers, firefighters, plumbers, architects, engineers, truckers and people of similar careers have no “knowledge or skill that might actually prove useful for society”? Because those are the people who got screwed over when the banking system was used as a roulette wheel by a few financial executives. The poor are still poor, the rich are richer than ever – it’s the skilled middle class that suffered the big hit. If the top 1% live off their investments and the other 99% are freeloaders, who has been keeping the country running since Wall Street created the… Read more »


    Feel free to hold the ball for yourself, no one is making you give your ball up to the bank.
    Not to mention no one should be expected to provide a service for no compensation.


    grow yer own farkin ballz